PnB Rock “Unforgettable Freestyle” (French Montana Remix) (WSHH Exclusive – Official Audio)

Listen to the official audio of “Unforgettable Freestyle” by PnB Rock.

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PnB Rock - Unforgettable (Freestyle)

PnB Rock – Unforgettable
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Video Rating: / 5

40 comments on “PnB Rock “Unforgettable Freestyle” (French Montana Remix) (WSHH Exclusive – Official Audio)

  1. Thomas Ulsø merrild says:

    Better than normal version with montana

  2. Thomas Ulsø merrild says:

    It's lit

  3. Lyric says:

    Fetty Wap Is Better Than This!!!nx🤔

  4. Patrick Bonder says:

    .oO oO .oO

  5. NY Knicks says:

    better than the original…

  6. AntiFckinSocial says:

    bout to play this to my girl

  7. Stacey Quiroz says:

    nice 😉

  8. Glenn Xavier says:

    dayum..this shit cold Asf

  9. Glo Gang says:

    where the Mexican at

  10. King Fourteen says:

    this is trash! una mierda

  11. Flickah2TrillVEVO says:

    100 likes and I will leak a sex video of me fxxking my homie mother

  12. Vigilante G 波 says:

    It was good up until the beatboxer started rapping my ear drums at about 1:42 seconds 😂😂

  13. BRYANT GRULLAR says:

    Yo pnb Rock Should put this on Spotify

  14. Rize Hybrid says:

    Tried to kill my self today and I almost died. Not doing that shit again

  15. Mirz Chatman says:

    pnb droppin straight fire never a dissapointment

  16. Angel Beats says:

    is at 70k views , trust me this video will get millions

  17. Free Up Rondo says:

    What's Longer a R.Kelly note or this niggas neck

  18. Dangelo Thomas says:


  19. Only Perkules says:

    Here before it blows up

  20. antwone davis says:

    my girlfriend said if I get 100 likes she will suck my dick

  21. CHASE EVANS says:

    Lit asf

  22. CHASE EVANS says:

    This shit is real nice

  23. Aisatou Souare says:

    he is da best rapper him and a boogie like if he does not make the XXL Freshmen Im stop 😛

  24. Terell Wilson says:

    This a song called found you it's just sped up 😐🤦🏼‍♂️

  25. theshark88 says:

    PnB Rock sucks ass. This nigga cant freestyle. he make music for niggas who like to act cool in school.

  26. Rãëñëĺĺ ßãñđý says:


  27. Zoyeeta Lewis says:

    why is this better than the actual song ?

  28. Chance Vongxay says:

    I fw wit this it go

  29. j breezy says:

    French shoulda put PNB on the track to

  30. Theyhate Jay says:

    I'm singing this to my girl 🙄💍🔐👫🤷🏽‍♂️

  31. Love my self AF Lol says:

    In every song shawty😍😊😊😊

  32. abdigafar hussein says:

    3rd best song in my life

  33. Jibril Ahmed says:

    lit bro

  34. Sandra Smith says:

    I'm here before it goes viral 💖😛🤘🏽

  35. Savage. Miyya says:

    pnb is everything a girl wants in a guy❤. he's bae💕

  36. Queen Safia says:

    loml😛😍 this song dope af

  37. BaddieIv says:

    bae stay making fire

  38. Mood Tube says:

    I love pnb ❤ subscribe to my channel guys😄

  39. Emely_ Xoxo says:

    It's better then French Montanas

  40. Omar Rican says:

    Way better wit some headphones in🔥🔥

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