Turkey Song – Thanksgiving Music – The Kids’ Picture Show

Get ready for Thanksgiving! Here comes the Turkey Song! To the tune of Old MacDonald Had a Farm.

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Looking for a kids’ channel that’s not too “kiddie?” Check out the Kids’ Picture Show! Learn shapes, colors, numbers, the alphabet, communications skills and more. Check out our popular 8-bit vehicles and animals, along with What Shape Is It?, color balls, dinosaurs and more.

The Kids’ Picture Show is an educational channel for toddlers, preschoolers, kindergartners and elementary school-age students to learn language and life skills. Children can explore speaking, listening and reading through poems, songs, flash cards, and lots of funny videos.

Great for all kids including reluctant learners, visual learners, ESL students and even children with developmental disabilities such as autism.
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8 comments on “Turkey Song – Thanksgiving Music – The Kids’ Picture Show

  1. Anna the Unicorn says:

    XD am I the only one older than 5 that listens to this on loop while doing their homework?
    just me?

  2. Vanilla Godzilla says:

    Awesome video stop disliking it

  3. Kids-Happiness says:

    very nice

  4. Ren Bumanglag says:

    the first is the turkey song then the remix

  5. Educational Videos for Students (Cartoons on Bullying, Leadership & More) says:

    I am ready to eat turkey

  6. jennifer viera says:

    Wierdest video ive ever seen

  7. REAL LIFE PI TV says:

    Great video. Thumbs up! ?????…

  8. Brandon Lyke says:


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