TV Noise ft. Oisín – Remember (Official Music Video)

TV Noise ft. Oisín – Remember is OUT NOW on Spinnin’ Records! Like this track? Download on Beatport or add it to your favourite Spotify/Apple Music playlist by clicking HERE:!YT

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TV Noise is back with another addictive tune! It’s rhythmic, energetic and the catchy melodies are here to stay. Immediately the groovy guitars will take you on a trip to Remember. The uplifting piano chords and funky basslines are invigorating and perfectly balanced with the amazing vocals from Oisín. Hit potential right here!

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Video Rating: / 5

40 comments on “TV Noise ft. Oisín – Remember (Official Music Video)

  1. Nexiider says:

    What is the music style of 0:150:22 ? Please

  2. Arturas Karoblis says:

    Fuck Spin, back in the days it was bomb, now playing generic house shit. Unsub

  3. FERNANDO TAGZ ! says:

    netherlands !

  4. Brayan Ledier says:

    cade os br?

  5. mino taurus says:

    Ruben Killed it hahahaha

  6. Marq official says:

    Is that Ruben van der Meer? Didn't know that guy was still alive. Awesome track guys! Like this new style.

  7. Kəvin Badillo says:

    Alfin 😍

  8. Logbia7k says:

    Watched first with video, watched once again without video. Damn this song is good!

  9. Elissabet Garrix says:

    Amsterdam is so beautiful 🔴⚪🔵

  10. Ivan Macias says:

    TV Noise Ft Oisín & Carlos Vives, Shakira – La Bicicleta Fail!

  11. Sena K. says:

    What a cycle😂

  12. Bluexenon TV says:

    Love the new style

  13. Константин Рэбэрт says:

    good composition , I like it..

  14. benjamin laurent says:

    mdr l'intro en francais j'ai pas vraiment compris

  15. EnricoUniverse says:

    How did they get all these famous Dutch people?

  16. Agirl11220 says:

    Comment ça va?

  17. Federico C. says:

    Yes men

  18. nathan cuenot says:

    C'est quoi cet accent hollandais ou irlandais xD j'ai juste compris dans l'intro que "600€ trop cher pour ce velo" j'ai rien compris ce qu'ils dit l'autre gars…

  19. luca sukhraj says:

    french words but Dutch People. do i Miss anything??

  20. AkashiKNB says:

    ils savent pas parler français

  21. Soccer Crazy says:

    Still lovin perfect strangers😍😍😍

  22. Myles Wilkinson says:

    When is the full version coming out

  23. Leon Dsouza says:

    make the song longer

  24. Mrfunnylaughs says:

    Raye sounds a bit like the old Rihanna….

  25. pruline says:

    This preview is good. makes me want to hear the full song.

  26. Ava Whelan says:

    so good I going pop

  27. jediROF says:

    Sky full of Stars at the start and This Is What You Came For in the chorus

  28. aidan mccrae says:

    heard the full version on the radio on saturday and i have to say, this gave me goose bumps

  29. Jealine Demegillo says:

    So dope 😍

  30. Sheelnidhi Dubey says:

    anyone know any more songs like this???

  31. unic konro says:

    0:45 i fall in love

  32. DutchDen35 says:

    nice song

  33. Gabriel Bihain says:

    melhor DJ que existe

  34. Luxx All says:

    I'm in love with it when is the full thing coming out 😀 cant wait.

  35. Adrian Constantini Aguerre says:

    Here before 100 million views

  36. Anteo YT says:

    Look at this duuude! Look at his sooong! :O

  37. salmanc1 says:

    This sounds like Calvin Harris vs Coldplay vs Katy Perry

  38. Purple Orange says:

    Anyone checked out Raye's other music?

  39. RoxiPoxiGamer21 YOLO says:

    replay replay replay replay replay replay replay replay replay replay

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