Shaun Frank – Let You Get Away (ft. Ashe) [Official Music Video]

Shaun Frank – Let You Get Away (ft. Ashe) is OUT NOW! Listen / download at your favorite service:!YT

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The multi-talented DJ, producer and singer Shaun Frank presents you his new hit. Let You Get Away is a poppy tune, which leads to a drop with pumping basslines, catchy vocal samples and an energetic synth lead. Definitely a tune that contains the contemporary hit sound. Don’t let it get away!

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Directed by Tyler Hynes
Produced with the financial assistance of MuchFACT, a division of Bell Media Inc.
Video Rating: / 5

Mina Myoung teaches choreography to Side to Side by Ariana Grande and featuring by Nicki Minaj.

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40 comments on “Shaun Frank – Let You Get Away (ft. Ashe) [Official Music Video]

  1. Francisca Scarlet says:

    C H I L E

  2. Daniel Kabul says:

    so idiot video wow

  3. The Math Guy (Twenty-One) says:

    Now imagine making Music Video where a woman is being kidnapped and somehow sexually harrased.
    I would grab some popcorn for the comments under THAT video.

  4. REV550 679 says:

    The Chainsmokers are here

  5. Chevereve 01 Waterpolo 01 says:

    deveria de estar proivido este video

  6. bange official says:

    That drop is hot af

  7. After Fall says:

    Nice song

  8. Luis-Felipe Sanchez says:

    The last drop is my favvvv

  9. Fusion Fusion says:


  10. AFINO says:

    but I thought they lit Shaun on fire…

  11. roem style says:

    Nice song!! and in the end the corrupted agents let those freakin killer girls getaway

  12. HEDA BOX says:

    save the virgin man!! :´v

  13. Daniel Romer says:

    Not saying the song is bad but The video is seriously fucked up on so many levels. Now imagine if the roles were reversed. double standards people.

  14. Mario Gonzalez says:

    The last drop got me….

  15. pedro acosta says:

    malditas feministas opresoras del estado :,v

  16. Frann Porciel says:

    this will become viral

  17. GIO CAT says:

    me encanto la canción 7u7

  18. Ani H. says:

    Ayyy Toronto

  19. Andres Valencia says:

    Love it <3

  20. Hartus animus says:

    Love this one

  21. Ruth A says:

    the girl in the last group with pastel pink pants, i love her hair omgg

  22. marisela valencia says:

    jajajaja no esta mal, pero le falta mas sensualidad latina (y)

  23. The Palace Fan says:

    i want Parris Goebel to teach a class there, somebody make this happen

  24. Shane B says:

    release the chains and il get fit its that simple

  25. Mladen Gochev says:

    hate those ppl yelling to to the side SO LAME!

  26. Infires Vicky says:


  27. Carla Dormeus says:

    whose the girl at 2:19

  28. Mhiuri says:

    The 3rd group… I'm shipping those two hehe.. what's the name of the girl btw? (and her IG)

  29. Mohcen Ha says:

    I think that they slayed this song! 👌

  30. Leia Smith says:

    ugggghhh they slayed this ish I didn't even like the song that much before, but watching them dance got saying eyyy

  31. hiroiageta says:

    i don't know about dance.
    but 3 mins watched this video, the girl with black long hair (first performance) had the best move compared with the other i think..
    she dances feel the music totaly.. flow like water.. not for performance just like the other

  32. Rubie Joy Baring says:

    Why is the video not available?

  33. Nab Razak says:

    That butt action at 2:44 ! Man she's good!

  34. bintang park says:

    MINA MYOUNG. I wait for you to meet and greet in Indonesia.

  35. Adam Arvidsson says:

    this fucking guy screaming in the background..damn annoying!

  36. nienoblagam says:

    What do you call this style of dance?

  37. Hijabi Eunsang says:

    The red haired girl was amazing!

  38. robert duda says:

    love it so much

  39. Aktina Kakogianni says:

    Am I the only one who noticed the guy dancing in the back?in the begining

  40. Lie-chii T. says:


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