Jacob Sartorius – Hit or Miss (Official Music Video) Reaction!

Jacob Sartorius – Hit or Miss (Official Music Video) Reaction!

Jacob Sartorius – Hit or Miss (Official Music Video) Reaction!
Jacob Sartorius – Hit or Miss (Official Music Video) Reaction!
Jacob Sartorius – Hit or Miss (Official Music Video) Reaction!

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Original Video :https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X6yXm88fCa4&index=16&list=WL

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20 comments on “Jacob Sartorius – Hit or Miss (Official Music Video) Reaction!

  1. alfy.04 beauty says:


  2. Joseline Rodriguez says:

    love y'all

  3. Michaela Burills says:

    Hit or miss can fuck it self he sucks ass

  4. katie jackson says:

    I like this better than sweatshirt ❤❤

  5. Hannah Mccone says:

    Is it just me or is he lip syncing?x

  6. melanie-castanon 11922 says:

    Thank you for not hating him I'm so going to subscribe

  7. Mya Johnson says:

    I think the song is low-key lit

  8. Summer x says:

    He can't sing n acts older than he is and is rude to his family n is now acting like he's "famous" by not listening to adults coz he's still a kid n he's acting like a wannabe JB. I can't stop cringing

  9. Maddison Codrington says:

    react to rice gum making fun of job startorius xxxxxxxx

  10. Janey Todd says:

    I just showed it to my mum and she can't stop singing it now😂😂

  11. Justin Brewster says:

    When auto tune game is on point

  12. Txm Barrett says:

    does anyone remember me I came here for a shout out series never happened

  13. TmT montages says:

    React to Ksi friends with benefits song

  14. Gage House says:

    Think the music vid is a massive hit!

  15. Joy Nasua says:

    love u guys😘😘

  16. sophie bell says:

    please react to Jacob Sartorius real voice xxx love u xx

  17. Emma Carleton says:

    Hey. I love your guys videos. I always smile when I watch your videos💜💜💜💜

  18. Emma Finke says:


  19. Katie Kozak says:

    love you guys

  20. Amber Burnham says:

    Respect for not hating on Jacob because it's just the cool thing to do 💜💜💜

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