Skippa Da Flippa “Stuntin” Feat. Mango Foo (WSHH Exclusive – Official Music Video)

Skippa Da Flippa

Skippa Da Flippa’s “I’m Havin 2” out now:
Directed by Joe Yung Spike.
Quality Control Music.

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20 comments on “Skippa Da Flippa “Stuntin” Feat. Mango Foo (WSHH Exclusive – Official Music Video)

  1. Ben Pranger says:

    90k fuckin fire

  2. Gabriel Echenique says:


  3. Mercer says:

    What kind of fuckin shoes are those there hella filthy

  4. Obakeng Moletsane says:


  5. Mahad Ahmed says:

    this nigga Look Like Drake and sound like Migos lmao

  6. Daijaha Collins says:

    So niggas just gone act like they dont see horns at 2:51

  7. Yung Moe says:

    skip, mango yall gettin q milli

  8. Ravenous Wolf says:

    ya know ya dood can spit bars when his name is a bar.

  9. Murk Valentine says:

    skippa lyrics have came up from previous projects… fuck the flow cuz the whole industry damn near uses it but as long as the words you put in their are creative then its all good

  10. Mike Bruhh says:

    mannn bruhh I can't believe I missed this off the mixtape

  11. Craig Taylor-Burton says:

    Same flow on every song

  12. Craig Taylor-Burton says:

    I think this guy is lame

  13. WorldStarHipHop 2 says:

    fake ass migos 😂

  14. King Aza says:

    "i love me some god so i stay inda bible." real street nigga. remember back inda da day certain street niggaz kept a lil poket bibpe in there back poket🙏

  15. sHaRKZ dominguez says:

    skippa da typa nigga to be a football coach and yell at you for not dabbin

  16. Kaloian Angelov says:

    This shit hits you hard like a train! Dab

  17. RicanSoundz says:

    0:43 anyone peep my guy Flippa's kicks ? Them shits got straps on the ankles ? 😂

  18. TTBeatz aka TTOnDaBeat says:

    This why ion really fw Quality Control Music everybody sound just like Migos except Rich The Kid

  19. MonsterEnergyBDA mx says:

    They all be sleepin on flippa

  20. Carlos Juarez says:

    i instantly downloaded dis shit!🔥🔥

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