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James Taylor Fire and Rain ft StLouieMike’s Kit Rocks Acco Track;)

No Offense intended, this is In Tribute to Agreed Greatest # uno 🙁 James Taylor Fire and Rain 😉 StLM i b My track Kit Rocks, is my track and copy right left or whatever it mine and is or it might be for hire on this or your project HMU


mercy for only askin, all for free baby 🙁 I’ll take it Life, ready to learn some more, how about you, float with me in time? 😉


James Taylor – Fire and Rain ft StLouieMike’s Kit Rocks Acco Track;)take one wide 040418 0111978 0858 314g618

L[;learning;] I;{is;} F;(fun;) E ;everyday ;
The mash up mix is at :

mute the sound on mine a few times to hear the difference ;)☝︎
when I look in the mirror all I see is my opposite, right eye to the marriage counseling group, lucky you, all I ever, get to see is me said the cross eye. 😉

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